The heart of Melakwa is not in the camp—It’s on the trails and up the Mountain. Our playground is BIG!

Scouts have a range of hikes available and suitable for the youngest Scout AND the challenge-craving older Scout.

Take a short hike to Irish Camp Lake or Scott Lake. A little more effort gets you to Hand Lake, Benson Lake, Elf Lake or the Tenas Lakes (really warm water) at the Tenas Lakes). Make an over night of it and ascend Scott Mountain for one of the best vistas short of the Middle Sister. All lakes except Scott have good fishing especially Elf Lake.

Want more? Take the trail to the crater of Little Belknap and rappel down into the crater. Good boots are advised as you’ll travel over one of the more recent lava flows in Oregon.

The big hike is the Mountain! It takes a day and a half but you’ll stand on the top of the Middle Sister. If we’re favored with clear weather, you’ll see from Mt Shasta to Mt Ranier. This hike is for scouts aged 14 and older.